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City of Guilds [Alpha]: Home Page

Home Page

Small Update

Development of CoG is still on-going, I have been working on a class system, refinement of the battle system and also a new profile page.

I will also be implementing a badge system, where you can earn badges for completing particular tasks or maybe just being in the right place at the right time.

Games have also now made an appearance, gambling games will be my first priority, because y'know, who doesn't like gambling??

Please feel free to comment with suggestions and such :).



Welcome to City of Guilds! City of Guilds is a brand new online browser based game, still in the early stages of Beta. The main features currently:

  • Online battling against NPCs
  • Creating and maintaining a guild
  • Currency
  • Experience system with attribute points
  • Forum system
  • Small market for purchasing items

Some things may not work and this website is still under heavy construction. If you find any bugs or something that just doesn't look right, please reply to this news post or just make a post in the support forum!

Thanks guys :)